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As we see the reports of significant snow in Tucson, our other favorite winter haunt, we thank our lucky stars that we are here. There's been an occasional cool and wet day, but overall it's pleasant to be outside and do whatever it is that we do. It's a beautiful place and the mind occasionally goes to the idea of moving here as many of the folks we meet here have done. However, the last few days the humidity has gone up and we have to remember how miserable it was when we first got here last fall. We haven't been in tourist mode much, since we did a good job of seeing the area in this way when we first arrived a few years ago. It's just been a pleasure to be here without any big agenda. For me a perfect temperature means being able to sit outside in the shade and read without wearing a jacket. I've gotten a lot of reading done lately.

That's about to change. On Sunday we will head to the Orlando airport to begin a long flight to Buenos Aries, ultimate destination Antartica. Someone here asked me why I just don't go home if I'm craving the cold. That's hardly the point. We are a bit more apprehensive than usual since this is totally new territory for us. I'm sure I will be much more inspired to journal every day than I have here, but it could be a while before my great thoughts actually appear. But whenever the wi fi is viable, we'll share the adventures. Stay tuned.

We're going to missing out on some news that we normally follow closely. We've tried to see nearly all the films under Academy Award consideration as we always do, but we'll probably be at 36,000 feet when the ceremony occurs. We've been following a wild mayoral race back in Chicago. When the current mayor decided not to run again, the wide open field brought many interesting characters out into the open. The election should take place while we are gone. And then there's that long promised Mueller report.....

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