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The Golden Gumboot, the town of Tully has the rain record of...

A drive-in liquor store!!! Why don't we have that in Denmark!?!

Serious stuff now. The cyclone "Larry" destroyed 90% of ALL banana palms...

Wrecked houses between Mission Beach and Innisfail

Devastated gas station

Winds up to 300 km/t

Does this photo need a title?

Anniee from Innisfail, her hous still stands but electricity won't be back...

Slow down please, trees and debris on the road

Almost all rainforest in the region is gone, the wind tore the...

Final devastation

Something to cheer you up, first waterfall I've seen so far

Huge Kauri tree, Australias largest tree. New Zealand has a sub-variety


Close-up of nice red plant.. Don't know name or anything - but...

Having a picnic lunch in the bush

And along comes a spider.. In the womens toilet - HA HA

The curtain fig tree, very famous... Uhhhh

Crazy car

Can U find the rainbow?

Welcome welcome

This entry is about the final leg of my travel up the Australian East Coast from Magnetic Island to Cairns.

First stop from Maggy, as the locals call Magnetic Island, was Mission Beach. As you no doubt know the North East coast was hit by "Cyclone Larry" on the 20'Th of March 2006. First of all a cyclone is exactly the same thing as a hurricane, just a hurricane on the opposite side of the planet, and it moves the other way around (just like the toilet water).

When it hit, it hit hard. The cyclone was a category five which is the highest level a cyclone can have and can reach winds up to around 300 km/t. Larry hit the township of Innisfail with 290 km/t and devastaded and flattened several residential blocks and broke 90% of ALL Australian banana palm trees and left 120.000 people without power. Luckily no one was killed, mostly because they had plenty of warning. The township of Mission Beach and the city of Cairns was also hit but not as bad.

Innisfail is not expected to regain power before a week from now.

Remember - the photos I have taken is how it looked 12 days after the cyclone hit... Imagine the destruction after day one.

Next entry will be about my short stay in Cairns and a really nice snorkel trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

See you soon!


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