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Carpe Diem at Kerrville TX Wal*Mart

Sat, 09 Dec: Another good day's drive...

Another cold nite, but this time the thermometer stayed above freezing outside and inside it was a "balmy" forty-some. As she did yesterday, Sandi started by turning the bedroom furnace on a bit before five, followed by the generator and salon furnace.

We arose a bit after six as we "lost" an hour yesterday by driving into the Central Time Zone. During the nite our little island of solitude at a corner of the Fort Stockton Wal*Mart parking lot filled up with coaches and trailers of all sorts.

Once the sun came up we got ready for the road and Bob rolled wheels at 0810. Continuing east on I 10 we noticed the flat land of west Texas became hilly as we moved mid state. The drive was uneventful and Sandi (we switched driving duties roughly half way) pulled into the Kerrville Wal*Mart a few minutes after one. We found a reasonably level section of the parking lot that was away from most of the "action".

Once set up we visited a local pizza place for lunch, and then back to the coach for some catching up. A bit after four we met new friends, Barb and Richard Hare. Bob "met" them on line as they'll be fellow passengers on our forthcoming World Cruise. They live in Kerrville so they met us at the coach to visit.

Today's drive was 241 miles with a fuel economy of 8¾ mpg.

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