Moving Right Along With Daisy 2017 travel blog

This morning I drove Daisy to the gym for my Silver Sneakers class and then took her to the Discount Tire store to have the tires checked. The air pressure was down a little bit but there were no other issues. I returned to Wes’ house and backed into the driveway so it would be more convenient for me to reload my things.

This afternoon I packed up as much of my stuff as I could, leaving out only the things that I would need tomorrow morning. I loaded up everything that would not be hurt by the excessive heat. I got all my electronic equipment ready but waited until nearly dark before taking them back to the RV. I turned on the generator so I could use the air conditioner while I was hooking everything back up. Then I moved the RV to the street so I could hook up Sweet Pea. I was really tired by the time I had finished all these chores. I was determined to get as much done as possible, though, so I wouldn’t have to do much tomorrow morning.

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