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First Petrol Fill

Work on the Car


Battleship Iowa

Battleship Iowa

Snapper for six.

The Fish Market

The morning was spent in fetching the car from the agent and verifying that it had escaped from its adventure with falling containers unscathed. It received its first dose of American 'Gas"; didn't like it. The sound wasn't nearly as good as with the British variety but I expect that it will get used to it. We shall try to find the ethanol free variety which is more suitable for older engines.

Robin spent some time solving the problem of a passenger window that did not want to close - electric windows can be a problem. It turned out to be an electrical connection in a new part rather than in the old original one and lucily we had a spare. Some time was spent on re-packing the car and tidying up.

Later we caught the tram around the harbour to see the Battleship Iowa, veteran of the second world war, Korea and other conflicts. She is now lovingly restored and very interesting to tour.

In the evening we had dinner with four 'bachelors' in the Fish Market where the fish, red snapper and prawns, are chosen and paid for and the price includes cleaning and cooking. It was delicious.

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