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Winnie at site A039

Path of a small hot air balloons launched from the campground (30...

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #2

Fireworks #3

1972 pickup home-built to look like a 1912 - Has over 200,000...

Boardwalk through the dunes to the beach

Annisquam Lighthouse from Wingaersheek Beach

Wingaersheek Beach

A gull perched on the rocks

Wingaersheek Beach has a lot of rocks

Another look of the lighthouse

Couldn't pass up the orange shirt

Sue enjoying the beach

Red dories moored in the Annisquam River

Clam Box in Ipswitch

3-way Combo

On Saturday, we made our third shift to Site A039. Not much doing today except relaxing. There were fireworks in town on the Salisbury beach. We were able to see them from the beach at the campground about a mile away. Not a bad show for a non-holiday. Before the show started, some folks in the campground were launching small hot air balloons that were carried out over the ocean and landed in the waves. They appeared to be paper bags with a candle or some other heat source inside.

On Friday, we took a ride to Wingaersheek Beach to see the Annisquam Lighthouse near Gloucester, MA. Sue lounged on the beach while I took pictures of the lighthouse and Wingaersheek Beach. The lighthouse is located on Wigwam Point in a residential area so you can't actually get to the lighthouse. The best view is from Wingaersheek Beach about three-forths of a mile across the Annisquam River inlet. A light station was first built at Wigwam Point in 1801 and it is the location of one of the oldest light stations in Massachusetts. The original lighthouse was a wooden octagonal tower, but it was replaced around 1897 by the existing brick tower. There are still some of the buildings from the original light station complex that was completed by 1814, including the keeper's house and an oil house. An elevated wooden walkway leads to the 41-foot tall lighthouse which is a cylindrical brick tower resting on a stone foundation. The lighthouse was placed on Wigwam Point to protect mariners from obstacles including long sandbars and a rocky shore along the Annisquam River. The Annisquam Harbor Light Station is still an active aid to navigation and is owned by the US Coast Guard.

After finishing up on the beach, we stopped at the Clam Box in Ipswitch for dinner. We ate here in 2010 on our New England and Maritimes trip. It's in a building shaped like a take-out box and has been in business since 1935. You can get seafood anyway you want as long as its fried so we ordered up the 3-way combo plate with clams, shrimp, and scallops accompanied by fries and cole slaw. Everything is cooked to order and fortunately it wasn't too crowded for a Friday night so we got our food quickly. The clams were really good, sweet tasting and cooked just right. The scallops were good also, but the shrimp were small bay shrimp and seemed like they were canned. Overall the meal was pretty good and filling.

We will make our 4th move on Sunday to H Street for the remainder of our stay at Salisbury Beach Stater Reservation. Stay tuned.

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