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View from rear!

Dinner prep

On the Road Again! Back on 101 S, we went by Curiosity Hill and "house in log" but they were not open yet, Another corridor of beautiful redwoods and then road opened into valley. Suddenly we were in area with lots of tents and campers everywhere..appeared to be some sort of festival but people were not yet up and stirring. Stopped for fuel at station along way that had Carls,Jr attached so lunched rather than another sandwich!

Next stretch of road took up thru recent forest fire area. Some fire trucks still there (for monitoring?) Burned trees on both sides of road, hazy smoke, no homes, no towns, just miles and miles of burned forest.

Road opened out to farm land..hayfields and fruit and nut trees. Stopped at produce stand and bought watermelon, peaches, tomatoes, unusual onion, corn and some local honey. Found KOA in Pacerville. Getting used to these nice pools and hot tubs..this KOA even specifies no kids in hot tub!

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