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Carpes at HWH Corporation

Tue, 28 July: A very short drive...

Today's drive was only 48 miles. We didn't get going till 1020 and drove a short distance to US 6 and then into Carrolville for a stop at Wal*Mart and Costco. We arrived at the Wally parking lot a bit before eleven and disconnected Carpe Dinkum for the short drive to Costco. The Carrolville Costco has inside parking, which will not accommodate our coach.

When we pulled out of the Costco garage we discovered that it was pouring. Nice to be able to load the stuff in the car without getting wet. After returning to Wal*Mart and stowing our Costco purchases in the coach (this time we did get wet) we headed into the store for some Wally victualing. By the time we exited Wal*Mart the rain had stopped.

We reconnected the car and headed east on I 80 to Moscow. Moscow is home to HWH Corporation, manufacturer of our coach's hydraulic systems. Whenever we're in the area we have them check out the system to ensure all is Okey Dokey.

After we got parked we checked in with Ashley, the every smiling service scheduler. She told us she had an opening that afternoon and if we'd pull the coach into an empty bay they could get started. Since our appointment wasn't till tomorrow morning we jumped at the chance to get in early.

Sure enough, they checked the system and declared all is OK. We backed out of the bay and into a 50 ampere courtesy spot next to the building. When we went in to settle our bill they advised us there was no charge... Customer Good Will. Yea!!!

So, tomorrow we can get a start on our drive to Indiana and take two days rather than a brutally long one day. That is good.

Today's run was 48 miles with an overall fuel economy of 6¾ mpg.

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