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We woke up to really freezing cold, we were registering 19 degrees Fahrenheit only & there was ice on the inside of the windscreen. The gas fire refused to light again so we had light the oven to get a bit of heat & get dressed as quickly as possible. There was no ice on the outside of the windscreen at all so we paid our €5 parking fe & got on the move asap after breakfast.

As Liechtenstein is bounded on the North & East by Austria it would have been a pity not to have popped in just to add another country to our list for the trip. In fact today we logged four countries, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland & finally Germany. Austria was great as the diesel price was the lowest we've seen since France at €1.16/ltr. It was up over €1.50 - €1.60 in Switzerland & Liechtenstein. Ethel gave up the ghost again once we got into Austria so it was back to Gertie the Garmin for directions. I don't think Ethel likes the cold weather.

We only did about thirty miles driving up & then back West through Austria to Switzerland. Then it was just a case of heading generally North West towards Luxembourg via Germany. I had brought a Motorhome magazine with me & in it there were a couple of articles about Germany, one of which mentioned the Rhine Falls in Neuhausen, which are actually in Switzerland. This is the largest plain waterfalls in Europe & as it was roughly on our route we decided to visit it. We got there just after a lunch stop at a motorway rest area that had the most amazing stainless steel toilets you have ever seen. The conical toilet bowl had a strange fold down seat & when the seat was up there was a soap dispenser & a water jet to wash your hands with plus a hot air dryer, all set over the toilet bowl. Hopefully you can see from my photo what it looks like, certainly an 'all-in-one'.

The Falls were spectacular & we spent a sunny hour or so walking around & about them before heading up to our proposed camp site for the night over the border in Germany. It was a bit off the beaten track but the roads were all clear of snow & there was a lot of snow about. We had fun at the site, which is very big, & completely snow bound apart from the roads & paths which had been cleared. We were directed to park on an area which was supposed to be grass but it was covered in a couple of inches of snow. All very pretty but once we got off the Tarmac road we just got stuck, couldn't move back or forward. They sent a guy with a tractor shovel to pull us back out whilst he tried to make us a path in through the snow to the pitch. It looked a no-go from the off & I was sure we would have problems in the morning getting out again so in the end I persuaded them to let us stay on the road for the night. As we were the only motorhome there it wasn't a problem & certainly eased our concern for getting away in the morning.

The site was remote so nowhere to go in the evening but at least we had wifi & electricity. I did manage to get the gas fire working again but as we had electricity we saved our gas & used the electric option for the heater.

Mileage today - 120

Total Mileage to date - 4,427

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