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As I had hoped when I left Albania I now have a few more items to add to my favourite things:

Rainy day: my return visit to Ljubljana. Had it not been for the rain that made me rethink my plans, I might have missed my enjoyable few hours in the museum and the experience of the city without the crowds on a quiet weekday afternoon.

Caves: Skocjan. Ah, you say, but they're the only caves I visited. Not so. Technically I went into caves in Belgrade (even if not quite in the same category!)

Detour: my unintended visit to the Slovene Parliament, even if I didn't make it past security.

Wow moment: breaking through the trees at the top of Osojnica and claiming my reward for the frustrating hike.

City to pronounce: Ljubljana. It looks fiendish, and I was a bit worried about having to say it in order to get a ticket back here, but it turns out it's elegantly simple to pronounce; when I jumped on that bus in Bled I didn't have any problems telling the driver where I was going. I just love it.

I'm aware that these perhaps lack the variety of the original post (being all from one country), but I don't want to edit the original. I would like that still to stand on its own; it represents the foundation that set me up for this leg of the journey and influenced how I experienced Slovenia (especially how incredibly relaxed and confident I have been about executing the trip!). For me, this hasn't been an isolated weekend trip, but very much the final leg of a much greater trip.

One very happy me just landed at Stansted.

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