Ginny's Adventures 2014 travel blog

Darth vader hummer!!



getting ready to go on an adventure up the mountain

loading up

here comes 2nd jeep

they loved their ride too!

trailhead from this point

lots of bamboo

trunks of palms

hi ho, hi ho! going under huge tree trunk

just liked this

up above the tree line and sometimes the clouds

view comes and goes

motley crew

little plant on ground

another plant

June amongst the bamboo

Joan takes plant pics too

this is black-billed nightingale thrush!

volcano junco!

bee pollinating flowers

look at those eyes!

viewing hummers at a stop with no bathrooms!

two hummers getting into it

Two full days at the Savegre Hotel and Spa in the cloud forest with great weather! glorious!

Two jeeps came for us to take us up to the near top of the closest mountain, at over 10,000 feet and after birding, we were to walk down the road back to the hotel. The path called Le Robles (the forest) was a good one and lots of little birds were found by the birders. I found bamboo, palm trees, vines, and flowers to my liking. but after walking again in the hiking boots, I had to wimp out and take a jeep ride back along with 5 others.

The afternoon was free for me, so I did a little reading, and had a hot stone massage and sat in the jaccuzzi a bit. My neck and shoulders hurt from that massage, so I guess they really needed it. Most of the others had massages during our stay but it seems the hot stone one was the winner, liked by all who had it.

People were starting to feel a little nauseous and head achy and some had stomach issues. It was attributed to altitude sickness - glad I didn't get any of that!

Most of us went to Costa Rica's newest and highest national park called Los Quetzales National Park. No, we didn't find any quetzals up there above the tree line. It reminded me of scrub brush out west actually. While others went to the road and listened for birds, I tarried to take pictures of the plants and then saw a little brown bird hopping along on the path in front of me. I took it to the birders and had seen what they only heard - the black-billed nighting gale thrush! I was doing a happy dance! And then, along came a volcano junco and I got a picture of that too!

I played with my camera and found that using the 3D setting gave my pictures more depth and the landscape was a great place to play around with that. but alas, just like the panorama pictures, they looked no different when downloaded to the computer and they even had a different filetype that I cannot upload to this page. disappointing!

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