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"A" mountain








When you stay at an RV resort, you can assume that one of the activities offered will be quilting. Women in my generation used to sew their own clothes before garment manufacture all went off shore. It would be cheaper to buy clothes off the rack than to make your own and fabric stores suffered from a lack of customers and many closed. But crafty women took their sewing and construction skills in another direction and quilting is very popular these days. The quilt group here had their annual show and it was so well attended, I could hardly move. At the door we were handed ballots to vote on various categories of quilting - handmade or machine construction, large or small, wall hanging or wearable quilting, etc. Each quilt had a tag attached where its creator described the inspiration for that quilt and techniques used. Looking at all that beauty really got my juices flowing. Quilting continues to remain on my retirement bucket list, although making a quilt of any size could be challenging while we live in the motor home.

In the evening we headed up Sentinel Mountain to watch the sun set over Tucson. This mountain is easy to see from the expressway since it has a huge A on it constructed from white stone. I assume it is there in honor of the University of Arizona. Last winter we kept looking up at it saying we've got to go there, but we never figured out exactly how to get to the top. Now we realize it is just a few miles from our campground. Tucson is beautifully located, surrounded by mountains. However, it is not in a bowl like Salt Lake City is and there are plenty of flat areas where homes and businesses are located. When you are downtown you can't use the mountains to orient yourself; there is a set to matter which direction you look. But only one has the "A" on it.

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