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Saturday's route

Kyle and Annie with Winnie

Vanity plates 1

Vanity Plates 2

Interesting sights along the route - it doesn't take much to interest...

Back in Delaware

Winnie resting at home

The last leg of the ride home always seems the longest. I was able to break it up by stopping in Baltimore to have lunch with Kyle and Annie. It was good to be able to spend some time with them and catch up a little. They are expecting a baby in December and Sue and I are excited to become grandparents for the first time. December is going to be a busy month for us with the arrival of the baby around Christmas and Shane getting married earlier in the month. Looks like Winnie will be parked for the month.

Not many new roadside attractions on this leg of the trip, but I did notice a lot of vanity plates, especially on Virginia cars. They must be pretty cheap. I posted 2 sets of pictures. The meaning of some of the plates is fairly obvious, but other I haven’t been able to figure out. Suggestions are welcome.

This was a long and unusual trip. We traveled 7,139 miles on the ground through 25 states. I added another 5,360 miles in 2 air trips, one to return home from California for Sue’s eye surgery (she started driving again last week) and my trip from Memphis to Georgia for a work assignment. I was able to add Idaho, Oregon, and Mississippi to those I’ve spent at least one night in over the last 5 years. The only ones left in the lower 48 are Washington, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Although we technically stayed in Alaska in an RV in 2008, I won’t count that one complete until we stay there in Winnie. I can’t think of a way to get Winnie to Hawaii, so it looks like we’ll only do 49.

Winnie used 1,007 gallons of gas and averaged 7.1 mpg. The average price of gas was $3.50 which is just under the current nationwide average. The highest we paid was $4.10, where else, in California where the highest I saw was $5.19 in Bridgeport. The lowest was $3.19 a couple of days ago in western Virginia.

This is a short turn between trips. Winnie needs some TLC at my truck mechanics to get the gas tank strap replaced and a low speed miss diagnosed. Although the ratchet strap I added in California held the gas tank tight on our trip back across the country, it needs to be fixed before we hit the road again. I’ve got some interior work to do to fix a wardrobe drawer that broke and the wardrobe clothes pole collapsed a couple of days ago. It’s always something. We’ll be on the road again in the middle of September for work and play in Georgia and Tennessee. Stay tuned for further adventures with Sue, Vince, and Winnie.

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