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Rawlins to Gering

Bye Bye Rawlins

Oil Industry

Looks like dunes

More oil activity

Our road ahead

Many snow fences


Elk Mountain

Big cattle ranches

More Pronghorn

Lots of Pronghorn now

Passing by Laramie

Lots of hay bales

Lots to see here

We'll have to stop here and visit another time

Crossing the Laramie River


Interstate follows the Sand Massacre Trail

This interstate is also the Lincoln Highway

Starting to see unusual rocks

More oil derricks

Getting off the interstat

Passing Francis E Warren Air Force Base, Cheyene

Back onto the small roads

Mostly farms and ranches

Some ranches have a pretty big house and not to forget their...

Love seeing these windmills

Sunflower fields

Exposed sandstone

Sandstone cliffs

Galloping deer


Big field of Sunflowers, for the seeds

Welcome to Nebraska

Wild sunflowers, hay fields and Scottsbluff

Hogback Mountain, elevation 5,069' leading into gering.

Descending into Scottsbluff County

Eroded Sandstone are technically mountains, they didn't push upward

Our camp - Robioux RV Park

Here we are next to Bruce & Susan's rig

We are on the old Oregon Trail

This is a Runza Sandwich

Today’s journey took us past Laramie and Cheyenne, two historical western towns, along Interstate-80. Along the highway were more rolling hills, more Pronghorn, more oil derricks and railroad with loads of coal.

At Cheyenne we exited the interstate and took to the small roads again, our preference, through farmland and fields of sunflowers. We began to see sandstone cliffs and saw that we were approaching Scottsbluff National Monument in the panhandle of Nebraska, remnants of an ancient high plains.

The Nebraska welcome sign says Home of Arbor Day, but I thought it was more important for the crossing of the wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. The "Sandhills" of Nebraska are not technically mountains because they did not push upward, they were eroded away sand layers from an ancient ocean by winds and rain.

We crossed into Nebraska, coming into Gering from the south on Highway 88, passing hogback Peak and other amazing sandstone peaks.

Our campground was in Gering, NE next to Scottsbluff Nat'l Monument. What a view! Our friends, the Williamsons were already in and set up. After setting up we went out to find some lunch in Gering. We stopped at a place called “Runza”, a Nebraska chain restaurant. A Runza is meat, cheese, onion, etc. baked inside bread. The restaurant was on the main drag which to our surprise was the old Oregon Trail and it was also an emergency "Snow Route". Good thing to know.

We did a few chores around the rig in the afternoon and later we all went to the Scottsbluff Elks Lodge for drinks. We got their lodge pin for Cheryl’s collection and the lodge E.R. bought us all a round. What a friendly lodge.

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