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WA here we come!

The pool at the Lake Argyle resort

An owl keeping an eye on things in the tree behind our...

Part of the lake at sunset

The river below the dam

Part of the aspect from our site

Sometimes they appear like the best of friends...


The 45 minute drive to get the 10 km back out of the Zebra Rock Mine to the highway was again painful, but we were buoyed by the thought of entering a new state today, and another one that none of us had been to. Our welcome to Western Australia (just like every other road visitor) was at the quarantine station. Fortunately we were well prepared for this one - we'd finished our honey, cooked up all our fresh veggies and eaten what fruit we had - so our progress was fairly smooth and painless. It's amazing that after travelling more than ten thousand kilometres, we're only entering our third state. It's going to be a fair few km before we reach the next one too!

About 30 km over the border we turned left and made our way into the Lake Argyle resort - again, basically a nice caravan park, and certainly in a magnificent location. Lake Argyle was created when the Ord River was dammed in the seventies and holds a volume of water 11 times that of Sydney Harbour. It is a spectacular looking, vast body of water, surrounded by (and often reflecting) the slopes of red rock that rise up all around it.

The resort pool is built to take full advantage of the views, and the water of the pool appears to flow over the edge into the lake below and beyond. Even the temperature of the water couldn't stop me from getting in here - it just looks so good!

Later in the day we took a short drive to catch some other views of the lake and the dam at sunset.

I think we're going to take a little while to adjust to the time difference here. Even though we're less than 50 km west of where we were last night, the time difference is one and a half hours - we've gone from very respectable first light around 6.45 to the less enjoyable time of 5.15!

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