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In front of Notre Dame

All together


Day started with heavy snow falling - very picturesque, but not so good for sightseeing. We decide to go out anyway to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral (

The trains get us pretty close so there should be minimal walking involved (famous last words). Walking around proves to be difficult. Although it stopped snowing around 10am, the sidewalks have turned to a slippery slush making it treacherous (by the way, officially, we don't like snow - it's wet, cold, and uncomfortable to be out in).

Once again we get ourselves turned around and inside out trying to navigate the streets, but eventually we find ourselves in front of the cathedral. Not too many people are line up to go inside so it isn't long before we're inside. There was a mass in progress which made the visit all the more interesting. Quite a magnificent building is the Notre Dame. Well worth the visit - even more so if you are there when the organ is being used, the sound is quite magnificent.

By the time we return to the apartment, our feet are wet and cold, our legs are hurting, noses are frozen, but feeling quite satisfied with the days outing. Now all we need to do is find a nice restaurant to partake of our evening meal and all will be well. and we certainly came up trumps tonight. a little place called Cafe Le Montmartre. We were greeted by a pleasant young lass at the front door and the sound of a piano being played inside. A quick perusal of the menu, and spotting some french dishes like onion soup and beef burgundy, we decide this will do. The food was wonderful, as was the carafe of red wine (Cote du Rhone if you spot some in Oz, a really nice drop), and the piano player/singer played requests for us(quite talented). All in all a wonderful experience.

I don't know how it happened, but we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower to see what it looked like at night. This involved a couple of train trips and a bit of a walk to get to it. There was a bitterly cold wind blowing when we arrived which dropped the temp by a few degrees (no snow or rain though), but there it was - the tower, looking all golden with the lights on it. Sam and I decided to go to the top for a nighttime look at the city, but the very top section was closed due to strong winds, so we decided to try another day.

:Perhaps tomorrow.

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