On a Roll with Daisy 2013 travel blog

Connie Carpenter, Lynne Shaw and Betty Schaeffer

Paul (Corky's son), Joe Smith and Corky Hawkinson

Henry and Ellan Milligan

Jay and Jacque Forrest

Jim and Lynne Shaw

Ken Carpenter, Jim Shaw and George Schaeffer

Ray & Joyce Glivinski and Betty Schaeffer

Warren and Peggy Hallbauer

Daisy in Site 100


This morning I waited until 9:00 to leave home to allow for at least most of the commuters to get to work. Even through Dallas the traffic wasn’t very bad because I was going through there between “rush hours”. I arrived at Eisenhower State Park about 3:00. Three couples were already here and the Shaws arrived not long after I did. Several more will be coming tomorrow.

All was seeming to go well until I opened my refrigerator to get a soda and noticed that the light didn’t come on. Then I saw that the power indicator light at the top wasn’t on either. That meant that the refrigerator wasn’t working. Aarrgghh!! I couldn’t believe it; I just wanted to scream. It is a new one that was installed in May. I’m about to think that there are refrigerator gremlins who just don’t want me to rest!

I called the Camping World store in Denton to see if they could send a mobile tech. They couldn’t but they gave me the number of an RV service company in Sherman. I also called my Good Sam Continuing Service Plan to see it they would help me. They said that the warranty work should be handled through the manufacturer, Dometic, since the refrigerator is new. They also gave the numbers for two RV service places, one in Sherman and one in Denison. I called the one in Denison since it is closer, but they don’t have mobile service. However, they gave me the name of a mobile repairman in Durant, Oklahoma. I called him and – yea! – he was able to come this evening. He found the trouble pretty quickly and made a temporary repair that would get the refrigerator running again. He will come back tomorrow to install the new part. He charged $120.

Tonight the Carpenters, Schaeffers and I sat at the Schaeffers’ picnic table to eat. The other couples ate in their rigs.


This morning Connie Carpenter, Betty Schaeffer and I played several hands of Farkle. I had forgotten how to play it, so they had to refresh my memory. In spite of that, I won one of the games.

Jim and Lynne Shaw invited me to their rig for lunch. Lynne made turkey meat balls with spaghetti sauce and a salad of vegetables fresh from their garden. Nothing tastes better! We had a nice visit.

Around 2:00 o’clock his afternoon the mobile tech returned to install a new 12-volt inline fuse on my refrigerator. He didn’t charge me for the second service call – just $40 for the part. That was a very thoughtful gesture, which I certainly appreciated. I’m much relieved to have that taken care of so soon.

I called two women with the Corps of Engineers where I had volunteered for a year in 2008-09. I had to leave a message for Brande Serner but made contact with Judy Rawson, one of my fellow volunteers. Judy said that the office probably was closed because of the government shut-down. I hadn’t thought of that. Judy and I made plans for me to meet her at the boat ramp near here on Friday. I will follow her into Denison to a restaurant that I had not known about. It will be good to see her.

Tonight we had a finger-food potluck. There was quite a nice variety of foods. After dinner we discussed where we would like to eat on Thursday night but didn’t make any firm plans. Betty passed around menus from several restaurants.


This morning Ray and Joyce Glivinski surprised us with a visit. They drove up from Dallas in their car. They are having to give up the RVing lifestyle but their hearts are still with us. Their Lazy Daze is for sale. They stayed until around 3:30 this afternoon.

Today three of the guys (Jay, Jim and George) went on a guided fishing trip on Lake Texoma and came home with more than enough stripers for our dinner tonight. The rest of us contributed salads and desserts. We had quite a feast.

Henry and Ellan Milligan arrived this afternoon to complete our group. They had stopped in McKinney to have some new window shades installed in their Lazy Daze.

After dinner we had a brief meeting to discuss where we will have dinner tomorrow night and where we want to have our next rally. Everyone agreed that Road Runner RV Park in Johnson City would be a good place because it is convenient to many things to see and do. We selected April 3-5, 2014. I agreed to be the host since I am most familiar with the area.


While we were eating lunch, Betty flagged down a passing park ranger to tell him about a large broken tree limb above where we had been sitting. He said that they would return with equipment to take it down after we had finished eating. Later they brought a tall ladder, a saw on the end of a very long handle, some rope and other equipment. One of the rangers climbed the ladder while the other two kept it stable. When he pulled down the limb, some of it (or maybe a different limb) was left behind. That’s when the fun began. It was too far out of reach of their ladder so they tried “lassoing” using a rope with a weight tied to the end. After many attempts, they decided to tie the weight to a lighter rope. This time they were successful and were able to pull the rest of the limb down. We gave them a big cheer.

Tonight we ate dinner at the Jalapeño Tree Mexican Restaurant. There weren’t enough cars to take us all, so the Hallbauers unhooked their motorhome and took the rest of us. One of the specials was chili rellenos. For something different, I tried one with ground beef inside and queso on top. It was good. I had always eaten them stuffed with cheese.


Route: I-35 N to Dallas => US 75 N to Denison => TX 91 W => FM 1310 W / Park Road 20 to Eisenhower State Park

Total Miles Driven: 280

Weather Conditions: Warm, sunny and dry

Road Conditions: Mostly good. Several long sections of construction on I-35 but traffic was not impeded.

Gasoline Price: $3.039 at Denison

RV Park: Eisenhower State Park, Bois d’Arc Ridge camping area (www.texasstateparks.org)

Park Conditions: Very pretty with lots of trees, on Lake Texoma, full hookups, paved roads and site pads, plenty of room between sites

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