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Since we retired and started RV'ing for long periods of time we've belonged to Escapees. This organization was formed by and for full time RV'ers. We use their mail forwarding service and have attended one of their rallies. They also have a network of reasonably priced RV parks, mostly in off-the-beaten-track parts of the country, which members use as a home base. They purchase reasonably priced lots and can get the purchase price back when they decide to leave. The ones we've stayed in before have a combination of member purchased sites and drop in sites more like a regular campground. The campground here is somewhat different in that it is totally member owned and you have to know someone to get past that locked gate at the entrance.

We are fortunate to know someone; we first met Bob and Lynda in Florida when they were still full timers and correspond regularly via this blog as we both travel in the country and internationally. They did not enjoy the mechanical issues that arise with RV'ing and decided to leave their rig here permanently, living economically so they can afford even more international travel. They booked a temporarily empty site for us here and we are paying a big $14/night for an amazing view over a canyon. They got us off to a great start here taking us to the ice cream social followed by Happy Hour followed by a home cooked meal in their rig.

Our surroundings are very different from Quartzsite where we spent the last few days. The drive from Arizona west on I-10 was a gradual downhill through a desert that got less rocky and more sandy and we were amazed to see that we were at 26 feet above sea level when we exited in Indio. That area has made irrigation a fine art. Our eyes hurt from the bright green of perfectly manicured lawns bordered by profusely blooming plants. They were palm trees everywhere and we drove through large crowds gathering there for the Date Festival.

And then we turned west and quickly climbed back out of the valley on a very narrow, twisting, winding road bordered closely by rocky cliffs for twenty miles. My knuckles turned white as I gripped my seat belt, but when I glanced at Ken he was cruising through the curves without a care in the world. After we got here other people were amazed that we had chosen this route, but it was a much shorter drive and the GPS said our motor home could do it. With a skilled driver, it did.

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