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Straubing to Hermanburg

Today Grammar and I (snowflake, in case you have forgotten) again had two breakfasts. We had a big one at our hotel and then coffee and a bun with Gary and Rosie when they arrived from their campground. They were pretty damp as it rained all night but there was no rain today!

We split up and Grammar went to the small but exquisite Gaubodenmuseum that houses one of Germany's most extensive collections of Roman treasures. The displays were great. There were pieces of armor for fighting horses and then huge graphics showing exactly how the pieces were worn. Most of the artifacts were displayed in this way from fighting stuff, to tools for making things, to kitchen utensils. There were also wonderful Roman pots. There were two other sections to the museum and the objects were equally well displayed. There were extensive texts in German that looked really interesting - like the one entitled "terrasigillata" - but we could not read them.

We headed out of town along the Danube and spent some time at one point trying to find what sounded like a quite unusual church. We found a few, but not the one we were looking for. We had planned to stay in Degendorf. Grammar had made a booking and Garry and Rosie were going to camp. The campground was scuzzy so we proceeded to the Park Hotel only to discover Grammar had booked for October, not September! There was a big conference in town and everything was full. By then it was 6 pm. A nice young lady helped us find a pension 10 km further on; so we kept going. It was a lovely evening with beautiful light but I had a hard time appreciating it as I was pretty tired.

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