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We arrive at Manassas

Approaching the entrance of Montecello

I recognize this view

In the basement of Montecello

The view from Montecello

The reflecting pond at Motecello

Jefferson's grave

Local fauna at Montecello

At the Montecello visitor's center

On the drive to Manassas

The Manassas Target

Father's Day Dinner

On to Montecello. Today we drove north through Richmond (State Capital #1) toward the home of our third president. Montecello was a fascinating site. Jefferson was a brilliant man a stateman and a leader of his time. But the man was flawed. He clearly lived beyond his means and borrowed to afford his lifestyle and his vision. Additionally, he spoke of opposing slavery, but maintained slaves. Further, he fathered children with Sally Hemmings but did not acknowledge them as his children. What kind of a person can look into the eyes of there offspring and see only a stranger? The grounds were well kept and the presentation was balanced. From the Jefferson estate we traveled north through the heart of Civil War country along route 29 emerging in Manassas where we immediately stopped at a Target. Away from home, but never away from Target. We checked in to our hotel then headed out to celebrate Father's Day with a fine Creole meal in old Manassas.

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