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Liz full speed as usual

on there way

lots of sand

Ross and Anki doing a double




from the top waiting to go down

bogged buggy

sunset on the dunes



One thing Peru has lots of is sand and to make the most of it a visit to Haucachina - the oasis of America' was just what we wanted. A small town right in the middle of a mass if sand dunes -a surprisingly pretty place with a small lake in the middle and lots of trees but cross the road and there is a huge sand dune. We hopped I to dune buggies with our sleeping bags and not much else and headed out on a wild ride into the sand. It was great fun the drivers obviously enjoy their work and ours was keen to take us up and down the biggest slopes he could find. We stopped four times to slide down the slopes it looked smooth until you were actually getting to the bottom when it became quite bumpy. - a few bruises were a testimony to this. At sunset we drove to our camp where a big fire was cooking our first course - meat and vege skewers -pisco sours were on offer and many were drunk - I settled into my bag around 11pm and went straight to sleep in spite of the party still raging. It wasn't cold but in the morning all of our bags were wet on the top except for a couple of people who had almost slept in the remaining coals. Dawn saw us heading back again I the buggies - what a way to wake yourself up! And breakfast was supplied back at the local hostel- a fantastic night!

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