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An early view across the Colorado

A sign leading us down one of our side trips

A shot from that side trip

A shot of Fisher Towers

A formation called Castle Rock-for what I hope are obvious reasons

Just one of the oddities at Hole-in-the-Rock


A view of the bridge

A view from the bridge

Well, we didn't make the 9:00 a.m. meeting. But, that worked out fine. We went to the 11:00 meetings of the Moab 1st Ward and it was great. It turned out that their youth were giving a report on the youth conference that they had just returned from at Martin's Cove. It was a very spiritual, very touching meeting and was made more so by the fact that we had just been there a few weeks ago and saw the things that they were talking about.

Afterwards, we came back to the coach and had a light lunch.

Our first item on the agenda was to take a ride on the National Scenic Highway 128 route. Its only about 40 miles long but was made longer by the number of photo stops. The red rock landscape is incredible. The variety of peaks, formations, canyons, cuts, etc., is unlimited. It seemed that every turn provided a new vista that begged for a photo to be taken.

The Colorado River paralleled our route for most of the trip. We saw lots of places where they were either putting rafts in or taking them out. It is obviously a very popular activity.

Sometimes Suzi would say that the scenery was just more and more of the same incredible colored rocks and then she would point out a particular formation that was especially great/beautiful/amazing, or whatever. She say cliff formations that looked like they could have been straight out of the movie, "National Treasure". Other times, she would see what looked like a person (many times life-size) on a faraway ridge.

The cloud formations were great. They varied from billowing thunder heads to white and fluffy.

We went down one side road toward some tower formations for a closer look(and photographic close-up). It was worth the drive. We took another side trip to a place called Castle Valley that was hyped as the place of dozens of western movies but saw very little of particular interest.

We retraced our route back to Moab and on downs south of Moab to a place called "Hole in the Rock". Its a 5,000 square foot dwelling carved into one of the huge sandstone rock faces. It took 20 years to change it from what started out as a small diner carved out of the face of the rock.

We got there only about 15 minutes before they closed and so didn't go through the tour. Along with the home, the owners had spent 20 years accumulating strange and odd objects. There was a jeep wrangler with steel, carved tires and the entire body made up of license plates with a dinosaur size bone sitting on its top.

There were hundreds of similar oddities which became the subject of my camera. After seeing all of the oddball "collectibles", Suzi wasn't sure that she trusted the "house" enough to pay $5 a piece for a 12 minute tour. We'll see if we change our mind. If we do, it will probably be just a stop-over Friday on our way to Blanding.

On the way out to the National Scenic Highway 128, we had noticed what appeared to be a pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the Colorado a short distance from out campground. So we decided to check it out. It is quite a long bridge over a fairly wide part of the river. It is made of a type of steel that was specifically designed to rust at a controlled rate and thus provide its own protection from the elements. It was very popular in highway structures throughout the country and then dropped in popularity after a short time. But it is a perfect material for the bridge as it makes it look like part of the red rock formations adjacent to it. In addition to the bridge, I got some good shots of the river and landscape from the bridge.

After we had crossed over the bridge and walked on down the path a ways, we saw some teens walking on to the bridge. We didn't pay a whole lot of attention except to note that one of them carried a skateboard. We figured they were going to do some thrill riding on the paths. A few minutes later we looked and one of the teens had climbed up on to the top of the bridge structure and was acting like he was going to jump into the river. Suzi said as much but I said that it was too shallow for a dive from that height and I didn't think he would jump. I did take a picture of him standing on the bridge structure but didn't worry about the jump. I should have. I missed the shot of him jumping into the river (successfully, by the way). I wish I had taken the shot.

We walked back across the bridge and drove back to the campground. Both at the bridge trail head and in the campground, it appeared that it had rained but we missed it.

Suzi fixed one of her great breakfast-for-dinner menus and we enjoyed pancakes, bacon and eggs. We then went over some our plans for the next couple of days and then relaxed for the rest of the evening. That relaxation, of course, includes getting this journal episode completed.

See you tomorrow.

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