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Moab, UT - OK RV Park - site 68

Moab, UT - OK RV Park - site 68, another view

Moab, UT - OK RV Park - site 68, and another

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 0 - our route -...

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 1

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 2

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 3

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 4

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 5 - the Sunset Grill

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 6 - coming into Moab

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 7

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 8

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 9

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 10 - the meat shop...

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 11 - an adobe house...

Dead Horse Point S.P. to Moab, UT 12 - and its fancy...

Potash Road 1 - the road goes along the Colorado River

Potash Road 2 - the Intrepid Potash Company plant

Potash Road 3 - the road up to the potash ponds

Potash Road 4 - one of the ponds, blue dye is added...

Potash Road 5 - one of the formations surrounding the ponds

Potash Road 6 - Libby patiently waiting on me to quit taking...

Potash Road 7 - another pond

Potash Road 8 - more ponds

Potash Road 9 - some pretty bushes alongside the road

Potash Road 10

Potash Road 11 - someone made a cairn to make sure we...

Potash Road 12 - can you see the road we are taking?

Potash Road 13 - believe me it is a lot rougher than...

Potash Road 14 - the Colorado again

Potash Road 15 - a couple of old engines used by Intrepid...

Potash Road 16 - the Colorado is full and close to overflowing...

Potash Road 17 - nice shot of the Colorado flowing through the...

Potash Road 18 - a section of the road is next to...

Potash Road 19

Potash Road 20

Potash Road 21 - the Jug Handle Arch along the road

Arches N.P 0 - Climbing the hill up to the park

Arches N.P 1 - part of Moab is at the top, the...

Arches N.P 2 - Balanced Rock

Arches N.P 3 - Park Avenue

Arches N.P 4 - Sheep Rock

Arches N.P 5 - Tower of Babel

Arches N.P 6 - the Three Gossips

Arches N.P 7 - the Garden of Eden

Arches N.P 8 - Petrified Dunes

Arches N.P 9

Arches N.P 10

Arches N.P 11 - the Cove Caves

Arches N.P 12 - the North Window Arch on the left and...

Arches N.P 13

Arches N.P 14 - the Turret Arch

Arches N.P 15 - the North and South Windows

Arches N.P 16 - the South Window

Arches N.P 17 - the North Window

Arches N.P 18 - the formations containing the Double Arch - Libby...

Arches N.P 19 - there she is - she's so patient!

Arches N.P 20 - the North Window with a jet streaking by...

Arches N.P 21

Arches N.P 22 - the trail to the Double Arch and one...

Arches N.P 23 - the Double Arch

Arches N.P 24 - you ain't gonna believe she is talking to...

Arches N.P 25 - the Fiery Furnace area

Arches N.P 26 - the most famous and popular arch in the...

Arches N.P 27

Arches N.P 28 - Sand Dune Arch

Arches N.P 29 - the fins surrounding Sand Dune Arch you have...

Arches N.P 30 - Skyline Arch

Arches N.P 31

It was a short 38 mile, one hour drive down from Dead Horse Point to Moab and the OK RV Park. The park is about five miles South of Moab and a Passport America park with few restrictions. We have full hookups, 50 amps, good cable and free WiFi that is so-so.

After getting set up we went for a drive on the Potash Road. It gets its name from the potash mine about 16 miles down the Colorado River in the bottom of the canyon. The mine is operated by Intrepid Potash. The main feature of the mining operation is the evaporation ponds they use to extract the potash and salt. They are a brilliant blue due to the dye used to speed the evaporation process. Please click on the link to see how this company extracted 700-1,000 tons of potash a day.

Saturday we headed for Arches National Park which was the main reason for staying a couple of days at Moab. This park is remarkable with all of these Estrada Sandstone fins rising from the desert in varied formations. The fins have eroded and formed over 2,000 arches throughout the park - no, I didn't include a picture of all of them - ha ha!! We made several hikes to get to different viewpoints to see the arches of note.

Sunday we stayed in. Believe it or not, we had a little rain - very unusual in this area. At least it cooled things down a bit. The temps have been in the mid 90s since we arrived at Dead Horse Point. Tomorrow, we head for Salt Lake City and an appointment to get the kitchen slide adjusted and to get Doris a new military ID card. We are not sure how long we will be in Salt Lake City before heading to Logan, UT for several nights.

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