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Birthday boy & Mama


trying to bust a balloon

playing on Big Daddy's leg

Party area


opening books-now that keep him quiet

loving this oresent


MIckey Mouse cup cakes



He doesn't eate sugar- but this icing tastes pretty good!

That's it . I can't take anymore!

Our hearts are still beating; we're still in this world. Much medical has happened since our last entry! It has been gruelling. You know, however, I have risen to the top again. This long tale began with having an MRI late June. The cerebellum tumor was increasing in size and collecting some fluid. Hence, a new state of the art technology was introduced to me. It is called cyberknife radiation therapy. After much number crunching(dosimeter)and measuring, a plan is developed for treating me specifically. Norfolk General Hospital(Eastern Virginia Medical School) has been wonderful to this patient-says a lot for a huge medical center; however, through my own superlative powers I was certain the side effects did not apply to me!!!! How naive will I continue to be???? I am just now recovering fully from one 73 minute treatment. All the symptoms indicate radiation sickness by my way of interpretation. This brought me down physically almost to the point of no return. With eleven minutes remaining I had a melt down. Melissa,RN n was in there lickety spilt with water, wet towels, BP cuff, etc. Just a minor anxiety attack. I had waffle marks indented into my face for two days after that. So, you can see I survived that episode.

Next I fell twice in the same day! Once outside Panera bread and once from the outside into our house. I'm sore today, srpain/strain to quads, hamstring(r), triceps(r). There is much soreness today. The birthday lunch, however, was quite good. Thank you, Kim.

Now we are lined up for appointments this week - chemotherapy and healing touch. Saturday we traveled to Carolina for Jacob's second birthday. Prior to going to the party we stopped by Woodland Terrace to see Mama. Both of us ,with tightly tied mask, visited as Mama has an upper respiratory infection. I do not need to get it!!!

What a cutie he is !! Let's let picture tell the story.

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