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Damaged board taken out

The board in the box is the one we replaced. Pretty good...

A larger board required two boards to replace.

A start on re-staining the deck.

Ron can do the cut in left handed. This is about 1/3...

Good Morning. We have had a great few days since we “talked” to you.

Thursday we weeded the flowerbed at the entrance to the Camp. It was full of sticker bushes so I got some scratches on my arms. We got two big bags of weeds out of the bed. We probably could have gotten more but my back was giving out.

After lunch (and a rest in the AC) we started working on the deck at the big lodge building. Cutting out the bad boards went pretty well. It was a shocker to us that the deck is made of 1-inch boards instead of the 2-inch we thought. So it took some time to find the right size boards. We had to use 2 short ones instead of 1 long one in one place but it worked. By the time we got it done it was almost 4 so we quit for the day.

Friday Ron had a Dr. appointment to discuss his bone density scan -- and -- like I thought -- he has what he calls "little old lady disease" or Osteoporosis. He is to double his calcium and Vit. D and take one a day nose spray. He doesn't think it is the Osteo but the fact that he is accident-prone as to why he breaks bones. I give up arguing and let the Drs. do it.

After we got back we went to work on the deck at one of the lodges. We only did 1/2 of the upper deck (there are 2 smaller lower decks that connect) but ran out of stain. So we will go back tomorrow and finish that part and maybe do one of the smaller lower decks. We bought 5 gallons of stain the other day but don't want to carry that to the deck. (It is too heavy.) So we left the 5-gallon pail at the shop and just filled a smaller pail to take up to the deck. We underestimated how the boards would soak up the stain and that is why we didn't get the last few boards done.

Saturday we fully intended to go back to finish the deck but Mother Nature had a different idea and it rained all day. We played lazy in the morning and just sat around and read and played on the computers. About noon we decided to go get some lunch and groceries in Pickney. We stopped at Wendy’s first so we wouldn’t be so hungry. I had some new – their Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty. Is it every yummy!!! Ron had their new Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. They are kinda like Whopper Jrs. but with bacon. He said they were good. I still like their grilled chicken sandwich the best.

Then we went grocery shopping at Busch’s across the street. It is a chain of Michigan grocery stores that are really good. Good food at OK prices but their best thing is their really good customer service. The cashier was happy, talkative and fun. That is what I need to make a dreaded chore a thing to do. I also found out that they donate all their stale produce to the Nature Center. So that is where my little porcupine gets her grapes and corn.

Only one more week here at Howell. Ron will go back to the Dr. on Wednesday to get his cast off. Then on Sunday we will move down to the Elks Campground in Jackson so we can spend some more time with our daughter. It seems that we have spent her birthday with her the last few years and this year will be no different. After Labor Day we will head to Goshen for the Escapade.

Hope you have a good week. When we post again on Thursday, I will be able to tell you all about Ron's wrist and how it is doing.

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