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Moncton's Magnetic Hill - the car is actually rolling backwards up the...

World's Largest Lobster 1

World's Largest Lobster 2

World's Largest Lobster 3

World's Largest Lobster 4

World's Largest Lobster 5 - the four flags flying over Shediac -...

Well, here half of July has passed already - time is passing much to fast - we still have lots to see before it starts getting cold up here again. Our trip to Shediac from Alma was only 70 miles but it took us 3.5 hours to get here. That isn't too bad considering we got two new tires on the Mothership and had a leak on one of Libby's tires repaired. The tire place was great and got us right in and then back out, working on both vehicles at the same time. Only one of the tires on the Mothership was bad but the new one was a different type and the physical height was so different from the other steering tire that we replaced both and kept the good old one as a spare.

Since it was only 15 miles from the tire store in Moncton to Shediac we decided Doris would just drive Libby instead of hooking her back up. We had gone about two miles and were going through downtown Moncton and as I was stopped at a stop light I noticed this sign warning of 3.3 M ahead - I quickly translated and thought 11 feet - THE MOTHERSHIP WILL NOT FIT UNDER THAT!!!! Sheila, our GPS, had led me down the primrose path again. I would fire her but she works for nothing now days. Luckily I could make a right and start trying to extricate myself from this mess and find a new way to where we wanted to go. Of course Doris is sitting back in Libby wondering what is going on - good thing we had the walkie-talkies with us, especially a little later when she got caught by a red light and we got separated by quite a bit with me having no place to pull over and wait for her. We did finally get back together and made it to Shediac without further miscues.

Shediac is a beach resort town and as such is packed this time of year. It is also the self-proclaimed "Lobster Capital of the World." We are staying in the Wishing Star Campground and have full hookups with good WiFi. We will be here for two nights before heading for Nova Scotia.

Thursday we went back into Moncton to go to the Magnetic Hill. We paid our money and experienced Libby rolling backwards UP the hill. We then went to Walmart to replenish a bit. It wasn't a supercenter but still had a pretty good food department, just no fresh fruit, veggies or meat. We stopped at a local Sobeys to get those things after stopping by the "Worlds Largest Lobster" to get a few pictures. Notice this one is alive - they turn red when cooked!!

Tomorrow we head for Nova Scotia. Our first stop will be Lower Five Islands to see more effects of the very high tides on the Bay of Fundy.

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