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The Houston/Galveston area was devastated by Hurricane Ike in 2008. We noticed the effects of Ike even in Livingston, 120 miles away. Many trees had a peculiar look because the tops of the trunks had snapped off and the branches below grew up and around them. We had wanted to stay at the state park on Lake Livingston, but the terrain was muddy and rutted from the earth moving equipment that had been brought in to restore the campground.

We are camped this week in a rather unique campground which was also severely damaged by Ike, on the northern end of the causeway that joins Galveston to metropolitan Houston. Although the campground is very close to the expressway, generally not a pleasant choice, it is also right on the water, nestled on some swampy land facing Jones Bay and the setting sun. The sound of the cars whizzing by is obliterated by the sound of the sea gulls whooping it up on the fishing piers right outside our door. At the moment their cries are rather charming, but after a week here they may put us on our last nerve. The campground club house used to be on the very spot where we are parked, but the storm washed it away. The campground owners also live in a motor home here and they said that their spot was under nine feet of water after the storm. It will be interesting to head out to the island and see what progress has been made in repair and renewal. Hurricanes are nothing new to this area; one in 1900 also wiped the place out, but in those days weather forecasting did not give the residents any warning and many more lives were lost. It is always a dilemma - should we pay to rebuild homes and businesses in such a vulnerable spot? On a beautiful day like today the answer is a resounding yes.

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