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1.5 km long surge of water - surreal

10 million liters of water per second is loud

baboon sitting near truck

lots of spray

Yet another photo of Maciej carrying Rikke at a waterfall

Yet another photo of random tourist carrying Maciej at a water fall

So here is the funny part: After being totally homesick and just wanting to go back to our house, we all of a sudden find ourselves stressing about all the things we want to see before we go home and we feel we have SO LITTLE TIME. “Panik før lukketid” must be the Danish expression (sorry all non-Danish-speakers, can’t help you out there).

Victoria Falls is amazing. We got absolutely soaked from the spray coming down as if it was hard rain and it was as being in a crazy movie.

And I must say that after 5 months of the ‘African way’, we love the luxury we can get in Zambia. We are still tenting, because accommodation is too expensive here, but we can get ice cream, CHEESE, a variety of beers, dark bread, and all sorts of stuff that we love to eat. The common person on the street speaks English perfectly and answers your questions with logic. We almost feel like we are in heaven. I guess we are suckers for luxury.

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