Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Spires, Colorado National Monument

Window Rock

Another spire

The 'Coke Ovens'

Canyon wall and The Rockies in the distance

Devil's Playground

So today I explored the Colorado National Monument, which basically involved a 25 mile 'Scenic Drive' through the nearby sandstone mountains and canyons, scary winding roads and all, stopping at occasional overlooks and doing a number of short trails to various interesting views and stuff.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon trying and completely failing to get the tattoo I should have got in Flagstaff. I went to four places, all appointment only, all booked up at least two months in advance, and all the inkers were away at a convention in Denver anyhow. Still, I saw a lot more of downtown Grand Junction, which made me regret even more I didn't stay down there, especially as I now know where lots of cheap motels in walking distance of the downtown are. Oh well. So now I sit on the patio of the bar of my motel and do internet stuff and drink beer. As my motel is next to a huge truck park, near everyone else here has a beard, a baseball cap on when indoors, and sounds like a hillbilly, though they're all pleasant enough. An early night and an early start to get somewhere else I think.

Amount I drank meant I had to eat here too,

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