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This is how close they were to the cage

I arrived in Cape Town yesterday and the first thing I did was head straight away to book my shark dive!

Following that I headed into the main cente of the city and into Long Street to check out some souvenier shopping. The markets were very reminiscent of any marjet I have ever been to in South East Asia, everyone trying ot tell you that their statue, blanket, bracelet etc is better quality than their neighbor's and so that's why they cost more. They start at a crazy price, I offer half and we meet somewhere half way! I did buy a few items there but it was so tiring and took so long I ended up giving in and wandering over to a real shop...

The hostel that I'm staying at is pretty awesome (although I am only comparing it to a tent!), there are 11 of us to a room and the best last night was just divine!! Some of us headed out for dinner to the Waterfront area where I had monkey gland steak that they assured me didn't really have any substantial connection to a monkey's gland (!).

And then today I was up keen and ready for my 6am pick up to go on the shark dive. It was a two hour drive down the coast to Gansbaai where we were given a great breakfast and then we headed out to Shark Alley....

The skipper had a tub of tuna heads that were attached to a line and thrown out in the sea to attract the sharks. When sharks actually came near the tuna is was pulled in away from them and next to the cage so they would come closer to check it out, and voila!!Great shark pics!!

The best viewing was actually from the top of the boat, it was much more clear and you could see where the chark was coming from and all the above water action (the sharks being surface feeders) but although I watched at the top I wasn't going to miss out on the underwater action of being up close and personal(like 10cm away) with a great white. I was in the cage for about 30min the first time and 10 min the second time, I was starting to lose feeling in my extremities it was so cold and the wind was blowing a gale.

We saw about 5 different sharks up to about 5.5m in length and they came back continually, one by one, over about a 2.5hr period. It was just an awesome experience and I'm sure I've made some of you wildly jealous (and freaked the hell out of others as well!).

After that we had lunch and headed back to Cape Town, via Harvey Bay where I saw a few Southern Right Whales just lazing about.

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