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Yesterday began as a great day to change locations. The sky was clear and the humidity was lower than normal. We finished the process of getting things ready to go and were on the road by 7:20 AM. We had great driving conditions all the way to Branson. Normally it is quite congested driving through the Lake of the Ozarks near Bagnell Dam and Osage Beach but the traffic wasn't too bad.

Driving south of Buffalo, MO toward Springfield, MO on Rte 65 I was behind a guy in his old pickup, doing about 48 mph. Cars began to form a long line behind me. I know none of them could see the small pickup in front of me and they were probably cussing out the slow moving RV in front of them (Me). I finally pulled over and allowed them to pass which they did, with great gusto. :) It was amusing for us to watch as they immediately had to slam on the brakes because of that pickup. Everyone, including us, finally passed that guy and all was well.

The long, steep hills between Springfield and Branson were sometimes a challenge for the truck but we arrived in Branson at the ABC Campground only a few minutes after 1:00 PM.

It began to rain about 10 minutes before we arrived and we chose to set up in the rain, rather than sit in the truck.

Of course it stopped raining shortly after we finished setting up. I went inside and dried myself off, then changed into my p.j.'s.

Later in the afternoon, Marilyn & I went outdoors with a margarita and sat in our lounge chairs enjoying the sunshine.

Several new friends dropped by to introduce themselves and visit for awhile. We met Dan & Anita who are from New York. Dan worked for Eastern Airlines for more than 20 years and was Captain of a 70' yacht after his career with the airlines.

The guy next door was a pilot in the Navy. His wife gave us a map of the Natchez Trace because we plan to drive that route on the way to the valley next fall.

As Marilyn & I sat watching some TV after eating our dinner, Carl & Linda called. They were in a space just down the row from us. We plan to get together this morning.

Today is the 46th wedding anniversary for Marilyn & I. We plan to go out for a nice dinner this evening. I'll have to write about that tomorrow.

Yesterday was a good day because we have moved from Hannibal to Branson with a miniimum of hassle. Today will be a good day for us because we plan to spend the day together doing whatever we feel like doing.

That certainly brings up some interesting possibilities because you know how I think, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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