Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog


Balaton, old volcanoes and the Hungarian flag

a tiny chuch above the north shore of the lake

at the Keszthely port

the palace in Keszthely

Good times with Charlie's relatives in Pecs

Siklos, south of Pecs, is a place where I have never been...

Peter, on the left, is the best story teller ever. Too bad...


Inside of my cousin, Laszlo's house. He and his wife are the...

My parents left the next day and I was very sad to see them go. I had been stressed before they got here about how everything would go, but we had a really fun time travelling with them. Charlie's parents were such great hosts. His mother made a really great walnut cake with marzipan icing for their departure dinner and we had red champagne (not pink, but red, which I've never heard of, but was delicious). When we saw them off at the airport I felt a little homesick for the first time, but I felt better once we got back into the swing of things and doing more stuff around the city, went back to the Lake and also visited Charlie's cousin and her family in Pecs, a city south of Budapest.


I'll just quickly mention Pecs because it was an interesting side trip - not because of the touristy stuff, which was nice, but to note some stuff about his cousin's family. They are a very nice family and visiting with them cleared up any lingering home sickness for the US since they are much more of a typical American family than anyone else we've visited here. They have air conditioning in their house (yay!) and normal showers (everywhere else they don't really have a shower attached to the wall, it's more of a hand held type dealy which I find really inconvenient). I also probably enjoyed myself more because Charlie's cousin and her teenage kids all speak English. I've gotten used to Charlie having to translate everything for me (for all of you who have seen „lost in translation", my translation is best characterized by the words: more intensity, Charlie), but it does cut down on the communications somewhat. Anyway, we had a really nice visit with them and the city of Pecs was really cute.

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