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Strangest hotel room I've ever had, what were they thinking? Somewhere an architect and or designer are very pleased with themselves for the quirky design of the rooms but I had to ask why? I entered the room after midnight and immediately thought they'd given me the key to some kind of storage area, all I could make out was a red painted concrete floor leading into a dark corridor and a window. When I got the key in the electric slot the lights gave a dim glow into what looked like a 70s nightclub - a room with wall to wall, white bench seating a couple of windows and a huge mirror. I finally found the bedroom, still painted floor and now more mirrors on every wall but one which was covered in a huge print of a Caribbean beach cabin. Now my main gripe, the lights, why can't I just have a nice bright plain white light so that I can actually see something? The light in both the bedroom and "disco room" were large dull globes of various colours and I searched the walls in vain for a light-switch to get some real lighting. Eventually I gave up and used the bathroom (more later) light to find what I needed from my luggage. Even the bathroom lighting was very poor and not bright enough to shave by. Accidentally I found a remote control on the bedside table and pressed a button or two - suddenly I had or had lost control of the lights. The colours changed but never to a white that I could read the front of the remote by, I made sure I didn't leave them on red, I wasn't sure if there would be consequences and went down to the bar to meet my colleagues. I was first down, the next person down asked me to order them a drink while they went to reception to complain about - the lights! Turned out his were flashing different colours and he couldn't get them to turn off, 2nd colleague relayed a similar story. After a nightcap I went up to bed and realised that I too couldn't actually get the lights out and resorted to pulling the card out of the slot to turn all the electrics off resulting of a hot might with no AC.

After a fitful nights sleep (not necessarily the hotels fault) I got to make use of the "funky" bathroom in near darkness, shaved by feel and guessed the contents of the bottles as I couldn't read the labels. When I got out of the shower I realised that I'd effectively flooded the bathroom as I mustn't have closed the cubicle door properly. I had to deploy my towels to stem the tide and stop the pained floors throughout becoming death traps. On meeting my colleagues for breakfast I found out that we had all flooded the bathroom, do the cleaning staff encounter this in every room every day?

The breakfast buffet was perfectly adequate and check out no problem. Being collected by our hosts was slightly problematic as there is no parking outside the hotel and the street is one-way and busy. I have to say that the views from my room (42nd floor) were spectacular but if I have to return to Mersin I will attempt to find a hotel with lights.

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