Menominee (Marinette) North Pierhead Lighthouse

Close view...

One more showing how far out it is...

Check out this cow..:-)



How fitting to have lunch at the Lighthouse Diner..:-)

Jerry loved his pan fried perch fresh from the lake...

A cool home in Menominee

Town view..



View from our campground last night...

Last one!

We picked up another lighthouse for our list today. The Menominee North Pier Lighthouse is located in the harbor of Menominee, Michigan. The station was first lit in 1877. The current structure and its still operational light was lit in 1927, and automated in 1972. It is also sometimes called the "Menominee (Marinette) North Pierhead Light". The foundation is a concrete pier. The 34-foot tall octagonal cast iron building is marked in a distinctive red, with a black lantern and white base.

We also visited parts of downtown and took a few pictures. We stopped at the Lighthouse Restaurant for lunch. Jerry has been wanting some of the pan fried perch this area is famous for, he finally got his fix and loved it. I had the Chicken Teriyaki and loved it too. They served us huge square plates, enough for both of us to bring home for leftovers.

We will be on the road again in the morning heading to the Mackinaw area of Michigan. Check back later for more from Michigan. This will be our first time in the area and we have a lot of exploring to do.

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