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Sitting down to enjoy a nice meal, Happy New Year!

Getting ready to play the game, Jasmine is talking Daddy into taking...

Ready to go, shake them good baby!

Ok grandma, I'm shaking them hard!

Good job!

Yes honey, I got your picture, lol!

Time to go...

We play this game, hold a loooooong kiss & then grandma jumps...


And a successful landing, lol!

Today is my hubby's birthday. Happy Birthday to you my darling!! The family is actually going to celebrate his birthday this coming Saturday along with niece's Cindy & Ashley. All three of these wonderful people were born in the month of January. Of course my honey is a bit older than the two girls, lol! I did serve him a nice breakfast this morning (no, not in bed!)

The weather continues to be a bit on the cool side especially in the mornings. And if the wind is blowing, it really goes through you. But with all the snow we see across the country and the bad flooding in many states I think it best not to whine too much!

We took our 5'er in and left it at Johnnie Walker's RV for two days. Boy, I can't tell you how bad that feels! It's amazing how you can feel homeless so quickly. We are very comfortable here at the house, so that's not the problem. I guess it just feels weird having everything you own off down the road somewhere and not right here with us! I really do hate it. I know all of you RV'ers out there understand what I am saying & feeling. On the plus side, the new awnings are now installed, the wheels are packed, the tires are rotated & a broken brake adjuster is now repaired. They also lubricated the slides. And, while they had the rig we also had them check out all of the seals on the roof and reseal a couple of them. I guess the one around the skylight needed a bit of work. Just a small part of home owner maintenance. Fortunately we have been very blessed with very few issues with this rig. We are very happy with this Newmar company & product and would definitely buy one again.

Today I am going to post a few pics taken New Year's Day with the family. We had a traditional pork roast with sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. Afterward we played a dice game. It's called C, L, R, I think! There are 3 dice, each having a C, an L, an R and a black dot (imagine that)! You put up a chip, or a quarter, or a dollar or whatever is decided on before you begin. We went with dollars, so each person played with $3. You roll the dice in clockwise order. If you get 3 dots, no money moves. If you get a C you put a dollar in the middle. If you get an L or an R, you move a dollar left or right. If you roll poorly and run out of $$, you wait for the person to your right or left to pass one to you. The last person left with a dollar in front of them, after everyone else has lost their dollar to the center pot, wins the center pot! So the more folks that play, the more fun it is, and the bigger the pot! Are you totally confused yet???? Anyway, we plan to buy one, so if you catch up with us somewhere, ask us to drag it out okay? We can play for small change if you like!

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and stop in again soon ok??....

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