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On the news we've seen videos of wild animals in national parks and cities enjoying the land as they never can when all of us are around. A panda pair who had lived together in a zoo for ten years, finally got going on the baby making when there weren't humans staring at them. Perfectly understandable.

Today's drive was a bit longer than we would like, but we got through it so much quicker including drives through downtown Atlanta and Nashville, since the traffic was so light. The campground here has many seasonal campers, which makes it look more crowded than it really it. It's nice to easily get sites on a Friday and Saturday night without worrying about the park being full. The world is just a nicer place when there aren't quite so many of us around. That same route took us at least five hours longer as we hit traffic jam after traffic jam on our trip south to Florida last December. We stopped for diesel and only paid $1.28. Wonder how long that wonderful development will last.

We had heard that campground in Kentucky would not allow you to stay for just one night. Obviously, that is not the case. There's so much misinformation floating around these days.

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