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Wintry view of Cesky Krumlov

Museum of Torture...streched on a rack

Nothing to do but be romantic in front of a castle!

The colonial streets of Cesky Krumlov

We watched the landscape change from the train windows; the Alpine hills from Austria began to flatten and we knew we were in Czech. Here, the land stretched flat ahead of us forever, a blanket of white snow extending to infinity. Our first stop in Czech was Cesky Krumlov, a tiny UNESCO protected Colonial town situated by a river, and of course, there was another castle to see. The city center itself was encircled almost completely by the Vltava river, which formed a natural moat.

There was not much to do in this tiny town except walk through the cobblestone alleys, hike up to the castle, and look at the view. Having spare time in our hands was nice. Traveling can be tiring business. We had one really amazing Thanksgiving dinner here in a tavern. When we first arrived at the restaurant, we found ourselves lost amongst the passageway of stairs drpaed in curtains and accidentally found ourlselves in the kitchen. The waitress, chuckling at us, guided us up towards the dinig area where we enjoyed a traditional Bohemian dinner. So balanced and nutritional, the specialty included gruel (mashed up grains mixed with cheese), Knedlicky (dumplings with chewy things inside), potato cakes, sunflowers, corn, pickled and steam cabbage, and three types of meat - smoked and roasted. All this for 4 dollars per person! Mark washed everything down with a Czech beer (supposedly the finest in the world) and is much cheaper than water here. It was a nice quiet dinner away from home.

Inadvertently, we did manage to smoke three packs of cigarrettes a day while we were here. Our room was right above a bar where all the patrons fumed like chimneys. All day and night, we had smoke lingering in our room. Yuck!

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