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Today, one of the volunteers, Tom, helped me raise the front of my motorhome, as RV Tech Jim had recommended. It was quite involved because my jacks aren’t working due to an inoperative sensor. If it doesn’t sense that the emergency brake is on, the jacks won’t come down. That means that I have to use plastic leveling blocks until I can have the sensor replaced.

First, the tire covers had to be removed and all the utilities unhooked so I could back up a little. Tom placed the blocks in front of the tires and watched while I pulled forward onto them. Then everything had to be hooked back up and the tire covers replaced. What’s so frustrating to me is that I would have been able to do it all without help if not for those tire covers! With my stiff back, though, I just could not have taken them off and put them back on by myself. Thank God for those wonderful volunteers!

Alas! All that work didn’t improve the drainage of water off the roof, so the RV tech will have to try something else.

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