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Before their move to Hartwell, Ron and Joan had lived in McDonough, where the business is located. Since Joan was still needed at work, we saw this as a golden opportunity to visit with the rest of the family, grown children and grandchildren. Theirs is an extended family, his hers and theirs, so we as long lost relations fit right in!

The first night we all got together to go out to eat at a very unique restaurant. We (all 12 of us) were seated at a round table. The meal was served family style from serving dishes on a giant lazy susan in the middle of the table. We had pulled pork, ham, fried chicken, green beans, potatoes, corn, salad Irish stew, peach cobbler and fruit. Whenever a dish was emptied, it was replaced with a full one. Altogether an excellent meal, but I felt really bad that the food leftover was thrown out and could not be given to needy persons or taken home in a carryout bag.

We spent the night with Ashley and Jason and their 2 boys. And we finally got to visit with Joan again! The next day, on our way out of town, we went to visit with more of the kids. I say kids, but they are not. It is all relative you know!

What a wonderful family! We are so happy to be welcomed as a part of it!

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