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The bar at Base Backpackers by night

The bar at Base Backpackers by night


Hi y'all

I'm on Magnetic Island just off the Australian East coast, staying at Base Backpackers (resort?). It's a very nice place right on the beach with palm trees, a bar and small restaurant and a swimming pool! I really like that because you can swim without fearing for your life all the time. No Crocks, no sharks, no sea snakes, no deadly coral and best of all NO JELLY'S!

Right now the sun is shining and that's something new here, we've had a lot of rain lately. So what do you do? Wash your clothes and read a good book. Not too bad really :-)

Lately I have been sort of exhausted by my extensive travelling around all the time, no time to settle down anywhere.. Not like New Zealand at all. Soo, that's what I'm doing right now - relaxing.

I hope to leave Magnetic Island tomorrow and go to Mission Beach, but there's a small risk I might not get on the bus because of some small scale problems with Oz Experience. No worries, I'm not in risk of missing my flights, I might just not get the time in Cairns I had hoped. I'm just hoping everything is going to go smoothly.

By the way, you're right, Mission Beach was hit by "Cyclone Larry", and I'm going there anyway... It should be more or less up and running again.. After one night in Mission Beach my final destination is Cairns - at last.

So see the next entry now! ;-)


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