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Carpe Diem at Fort Stockton TX Wal*Mart
Bob is draining our air tanks

Navigation I 10 thru El Paso

Snow on mountains off I 10 in West Texas

Snow on mountains off I 10 in West Texas

Snow accumulation along I 10 in West Texas

Snow accumulation along I 10 in West Texas

We "lost" an hour

Thursday, 08 Dec: A beautiful day to be on the open road...

Yesterday's drive was anything but pleasant. The snow flurries and high winds made driving more of a chore than a pleasure. Today, however, was as opposite as could be. A delightful day to be on the open road.

But first, we had to thaw out. Not the coach but ourselves. The outside temperature at wake up time was 22°F. Inside it wasn't much warmer, only 34°F in the salon. Sandi braved the cold about 0500 and turned on the bedroom furnace. That took the chill off enough for her to throw on a robe and venture into the salon (34°F). She started the generator, then the larger salon furnace, a small electric heater, hot water heater, and even the engine block heater. Then back in bed to be thawed out under the blankets.

We finally stirred an hour later and started breakfast. We got things ready for the road and rolled wheels about half past nine. Bob navigated us through El Paso on I 10. Traffic was not too bad and we were shortly on the east side of town. We pulled into the Pilot/Flying J Truck Stop and added 59 gallons of diesel to Carpe's tank.

From there it was pretty much follow the road. East of Van Horn we stopped at a rest stop for lunch, following which Sandi took the helm for the balance of the drive. During the drive we crossed some 4,000' plus passes with considerable snow accumulation along the road. Obviously yesterday's "dusting" in New Mexico was a snowfall here.

We pulled into the Fort Stockton Wal*Mart a few minutes after three and found a suitable spot to spend the nite. Our clocks showed three but it was actually four as we "lost" an hour crossing into the Central Time Zone.

We were quickly set up and enjoyed the sun-heating the coach's interior. After sunset the temperatures started to drop again and we got under our thick comforter early. All in all a wonderful day covering 284 mines with a fuel economy in excess of ten miles per gallon!

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