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This morning Larry Hemeon treated us to breakfast burritos. We had a choice of three meats: bacon, ham or chorizo sausage. I opted for bacon. After breakfast I finished my chores and was on my way home by 10:00.

Getting settled into my site at Pecan Grove was more difficult than usual because of a tight squeeze. I had to ask Ryan to move his car (which he willingly did) but the neighbor right next to me had walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch, leaving her pickup behind. Unfortunately, the space between her deck and the edge of my site is very close. Ryan came to my rescue, though, by spotting for me. When my RV was settled, I just barely had room to open my door enough to get out because that pickup was so close. I had to push my outside mirror in just so she could back out of her driveway.

Before I had finished hooking up, the neighbor, Autumn, came home (with two visiting friends). We introduced ourselves and she informed me that she is moving into the Airstream trailer to live. The trailer has been unoccupied ever since it was brought in several months ago. I was beginning to think that no one would ever live there! Earlier this week, though, I saw that someone had placed a welcome mat, some potted plants and a garden gnome onto the deck so I assumed that someone would be moving in.

Autumn and the two friends were going somewhere so I spotted for her as she backed out. It was not so easy for her because a couple who were getting ready to leave had parked their motorhome right across from us and were hooking up their car. When Autumn returned, she parked farther away from me.

STATS Weather Conditions: Hot and dry Gasoline Price: $1.969 at Austin

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