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Early this morning I had a bone densitometry in my hips, pelvis and spine at ARA. I hope it will show good bone growth; I’ve been taking Forteo since March 2014. There should be a noticeable difference from the last densitometry scan if the drug is doing its job.

ARA is next door to Gold’s Gym where I have Silver Sneakers exercise classes so I headed straight to the gym. It was nearly two hours before class but not enough time to run my other errands, so I had time to use the treadmill to get the equivalent of a little over two miles of walking. I had enough energy left to do the exercises in class.

After class I went to the mall for some special items. I wanted to have a gold neck chain (that I already had) attached to my eyeglass frames so I could hang the glasses around my neck when not needed. I wasn’t wearing the chain anymore anyway, so this was a good use for it.

I also wanted to get a sketch pen to replace one that I had lost probably two years ago. I found one that was on sale because the store won’t be stocking them anymore. If I hadn’t found the pen, I would have had a slew of useless refill leads. I like to use colored pencils to highlight text instead of the liquid type highlighters.

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