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Adairsville, GA - Harvest Moon RV Park- site 29

Adairsville, GA - Harvest Moon RV Park- site 29, another view

Adairsville, GA - Harvest Moon RV Park- site 29, and another

Macon to Adairsville, GA 0 - our route - 140 miles

Macon to Adairsville, GA 1 - Approaching downtown Atlanta - wall to...

Macon to Adairsville, GA 2 - the traffic was very heavy, stop...

Macon to Adairsville, GA 3 - The Church of the Apostles in...

Macon to Adairsville, GA 4 - building more overpasses

Macon to Adairsville, GA 5 - and roads

Macon to Adairsville, GA 6 - Lake Altoona north of Atlanta

Macon to Adairsville, GA 7 - starting to get into the mountains...

Our trip from Macon to Adairsville, GA was 140 miles of Interstate 75, through Atlanta and, even though we came through just before noon, it was still very heavy traffic with stop and go from just below I-20 all the way into north Atlanta. It is still easier to take I-75 through the heart of the city rather than taking the loop around the city since all of the trucks must take the loop unless they are local. I wouldn't want to do either route during morning or evening rush hour!!

We are staying at the Harvest Moon RV Park which is a very nice park. We have a 50 amp full hookup pull-through with a clear shot to the satellite and good Verizon coverage. We also have so-so WiFi and good cable TV, as well as a nice pool, laundry and game room if we wanted to use it.

Friday it stormed all day but we did manage to get a few things done around the Mothership. It seems we never really get her ready for a trip until the first few stops on the trip. It's just a big chore getting everything packed and the house ready for our absence that we seem to neglect a lot to do in the coach until it is more relaxed along the way. We are constantly arranging and rearranging for the first couple of weeks. Doris is much better about getting ready to leave than I am. I don't know if it's getting over tax season or just plain laziness but I don't seem to get much of anything done until we get underway! I think about things to do but don't write them down and then forget to do them - old timers disease??

Our first few stops will be in places we have already been so there will not be much to report about until we get to St. Louis or so. Next stop is Seven Points COE on J. Percy Priest Reservoir just east of Nashville for four nights of camping.

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