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Carpes at Methodist Cove Corps of Army Engineers

US 36 thru northwestern Kansas

This is farming country along US 36

Didn't Dorothy say that?

Smith Center is a major train center

Downtown Phillipsburg Kansas

We left US 36 in Phillipsburg

We crossed into Nebraska on US 183

Alma is just north of the Kansas border on US 183

Today's destination

Carpe virtually along on a weekday
It'll be a very different scene come...

Tue, 26 Aug: Another day on the road, and serendipity...

Another lazy day as we stayed snug in our bed until 0700. It doesn't get light until 0630 or so which helps us savor those extra few minutes before facing another day. Have we mentioned how wonderful retirement is?

Once moving about the cabin Sandi raised the shades on the east side of the coach to be greeted with clouds backlit by the rising sun. She was commenting on the remarkable shapes of the clouds when a clap of thunder rocked the coach. Raising the west facing shades revealed some pretty ominous looking thunderclouds. That's when the rain hit, intense yet brief. What a wake up.

By the time we had our morning tea, breakfast, and got dishes washed and stowed the rain had passed. We were able to complete our check lists and get ready for the road without getting wet. That's the way it ought to be...

Sandi rolled wheels at 0830 and we drove out of the RV park's driveway and headed west on US 36. In this part of Kansas, just south of the Nebraska line, farming is big business. We passed many beautifully maintained farms and encountered farm equipment on the highways. One always gives a wide berth to those behemoths. They're much bigger than we.

We changed drivers in Smith Center and Bob continued west on US 36. It was our intention to stop for the day at Phillipsburg, some 180 miles west of Seneca. But, as with all good (and otherwise) intentions, they can be changed—especially for good reason. Well, we did not stop in Phillipsburg but headed north to Alma Nebraska. And, we had a very good reason for doing so.

When Bob took the wheel Sandi checked her e-mail. She found a message from Ken and Joan Tarkin, long time RVing buddies and fellow denizens of the Escapees Casa Grande park. They reported that they were parked in a Corps of Army Engineers (CoE) campground just outside Alma Nebraska. Sandi checked the map and learned that Alma is only 25 miles north of Phillipsburg.

A quick phone call to the Tarkins confirmed that campsites were available so we immediately reprogrammed the GPS and put Plan B into action. Instead of stopping in Phillipsburg we hung a right onto US 183 north and arrived at the Methodist Cove CoE Campground at 1245. We were greeted by the Tarkins and were quickly settled into an available site not far from them.

The site we're in is reserved for the Labor Day Weekend (as are all sites here), but we'll only be here till Thursday morning so there is no conflict. Following lunch we got the camping paperwork and payment settled and here we are... Happy Hour starts soon and we have much catching up to do.

We've said it before and it remains true. RVing is a wonderful lifestyle, especially if you embrace the unexpected. We did not have reservations in Phillipsburg (we rarely make campground reservations) so our change in destinations was a no-brainer.

Today's run was 202 miles with an overall fuel economy of eight mpg.

Wed, 27 Aug: Good friends = good times...

We have really enjoyed our stay here at Methodist Cove CoE. The park is virtually deserted, yet every reservable site has a sign on it indicating that it'll be 100% full by Friday. We wouldn't want to be here over Labor Day as it'll be wall to wall kids, dogs, intoxicated "adults", and smoky campfires.

We had a great Happy Hour with Ken & Joan last evening and enjoyed a nice dinner at a local eatery called The Station. The company was excellent.

We "outta heah" in the morning.

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