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We hear about the Gem & Minerals show every day on TV and there are articles in the newspaper, luring us to return to just a few more of the 43 locations around town that have exhibits and vendors. The show at the Convention Center was for just four days rather than the eleven days the other exhibits were open. The other exhibits were free and the Convention Center charged admission, so it must have been special, right? We thought we'd better check it out.

Overall the Convention Center show had more pricey stuff, the kind you could imagine Elizabeth Taylor wearing. It also had more finished products rather than barrels of geodes, ready to be split open. There were also display cases full of private collections of rocks. We have learned a lot about minerals, but often find that the cheap ones are just as pretty and appealing as the ones that have special guards standing around them. We went to the Convention Center on senior citizen day - for reduced admission prices of course - and found that we shared the place with oodles of kids on field trips. When you hang around with geezers all the time you forget how noisy kids can be. They were having just as much fun as we were; they were just better at expressing it. We saw some amazing things. The dining table made out of amethyst would look mighty fine in our house.

Today was the last day of the show over all and we checked out some of the vendors who are based in hotels. Some of the vendors work out of hotel rooms and some used tents on the motel grounds. The weather has been so fine, being inside was no advantage this year, but it certainly could be. Some of the vendors were already packing up. It's SO much work getting all these huge boulders here and then moving them away again. Many of the finer pieces are delicate and require special cases and packing material. We wonder if some are left here in storage somewhere until next year. It would save a lot of work, but tying up your inventory for a year could be costly. We especially liked the fossils that have been shaped into sinks. If we had measured before we left home, we might have brought one back. Those that still had goods unpacked offered us discounts so they wouldn't have to take them away again. $1,000 off on a pair of amethyst boulders. Such a deal!

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