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Sun rise in Marion

Renee and Ron

Sunday: 9/15 Packed up some of the rig to get ready to move on Tuesday. Got some groceries and rested. Headache is now just a memory and reflux is getting better. The feeling I get is that I am hungry so I want to eat all the time. Not good if you want to lose weight.

Monday: 9/16 Went down to City Hall and paid for our stay. Then visited with a couple of Ron's friends. After that we went out to Belle and Leo's for supper with Renee. We had to be home by 7 as Ron wanted to go to the Am. Legion meeting. He is a life member but has never been to a meeting. The meeting wasn't too great I guess and he didn't know a lot of the people there. He walked home from Main Street.

Tuesday: 9/17 Packed up and drove to Sioux Falls. Staying at the Fairgrounds. After a nap we went over to Bev and Art's new place (JL's sister) It was her birthday so wanted to see her. I forgot her birthday card on the table at the MH.

They have just moved into Dow Rumel which is a multi-stage senior home. They are waiting for a bigger apartment as they only have 1 bath right now.

Dinner was in their dining room which is run like a very nice restaurant. Wait staff take your order of over 10 choises and then you have a great salad bar. A desert tray finished us off. And it was great food.

Wednesday: 9/18 We drove to Emery as our mail order meds finally came in. 8 days to get there. Other than that we stayed home and rested. Ron's chest still hurts a lot but is getting better. His arm is healing well.

Thursday: 9/19 Ron went to see his friend, and I went over to Bev's. She showed me the whole place and I was pooped when we were through with the tour. We stopped in the library and I checked two books out (on Bev's card) written by a distant cousin by marriage, Barbara Oaks. They are really good mysteries set around 1900 with a lot of places and people whose names I recognize. One of the characters looked out of the train in Hartford, SD and saw the Oaks Funeral Home which was my grandfather.

At 5 Ron came back and we all went to a very nice pot luck dinner. I made some of my cake mix cookies and Bev made a carrot cake. Dow Rummel furnished the meat and every one else brought something to share.

Friday: 9/20 We did some shopping and and then visited with Wes and Elaine, Ron's cousin. They have also just given up their house and are in a Senior Apartment.

Saturday: 9/21 We met up with Bev and Art and their son, Arthur and his wife Jackie at the Chinese restaurant. It was good to see them and we had a great time.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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