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Anxious times, though I've always been sceptical about how early the warning...

Great to arrive at the Victoria River Roadhouse under our own steam

The contrasting colours were nice, but the 10km of dirt still seemed...

Washed before we left Darwin, the car was never going to stay...

Some of the amazing zebra rock patterning


On the recommendation of some fellow travellers at Berry Springs, we decided to spend a night just before crossing the border into WA at the Zebra Rock Mine. Before getting that far however we had a slightly anxious start to the day when I realised that I'd misjudged the distance to the next available fuel. When the fuel light came on with about 60 km still to go until Victoria River Roadhouse, we slowed down a fair bit and started making plans for our potential plight (though I did also think it was a good chance to test out the range after the fuel light comes on!). Thankfully we made it to the roadhouse.

This particular Zebra Rock Mine has only existed for a few years and is found down about 10km of dirt road, not far from the eastern side of Lake Argyle.

The place has lots going for it but unfortunately our experience wasn't all positive. We did really enjoy the free homemade scones with plenty of jam and cream, a little bit of fossicking, and the displays of the amazing zebra rock. This part of the world (around Lake Argyle) is the only place in the world that this rock is found and it is really striking in appearance, and polishes up beautifully. Apparently when Lake Argyle was created (by the damming of the Ord River) three of the five sites where the rock exists were inundated.

However, the main reason we had gone there was because they run wetland cruises on the eastern is of the lake which are better priced then the more popular ones on the WA side and, we had heard, really worthwhile. Sal tried calling a couple of times before we got there but only got the answering machine. All the info said just head on in, and advertised the entry as 'all vehicle access'. Well, we did get Old Bess in there but had to take the corrugations at about 20 km/h so were a little disappointed when we found out that the regular skipper of the tour boat was away and the replacement wasn't willing to take kids! Ah well, money we can spend somewhere else...

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