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Bob and Lynda took us downtown to the bigger city of Temecula. The road there curved and wound through some lovely scenery. Every time I should have kept my eye on the road, it was drawn to some rusty looking outdoor art depicting western icons. The series of horses which appeared to be jumping over the road were especially nice.

Our primary goal was a farmer's market, but there were numerous other opportunities for fine food experiences. The market was large and also sold nice handicrafts. The younger, more acquisitive me could have done some serious wallet damage here. There were a lot of interesting produce choices, some I have never had before. It would have been fun to buy more, but we are always hampered by the small RV frig and the fact that fine eating opportunities include fine eating out opportunities. It would be a shame to buy farm fresh produce and have it go bad. Since dates are so important around here, we tried some. Nope, still don't like them.

The other big money maker around here is wine. The area is surrounded by vineyards and most tourists come here to sample. You can rent a limo to make the rounds and not worry about the effects of overimbibing. Hot air balloon rides over the rolling hills are also a tourist favorite.

We stumbled upon a guide giving a walking tour. Temecula was a wild west town, defying the rules of Prohibition. Cowboys and ranch employees would come to town to spend their wages; bars and prostitutes flourished. It was also remote. Electricity didn't come here until 1922. Although fires destroyed many buildings over the years - a common side effect of not having electricity - the downtown area has a historic feel and it was fun to wander and look at it all. Again, the younger me would have found much to buy. Things are already starting to bloom around here, a welcome sign of spring.

We took a bottle of just purchased chocolate wine to Bob & Lynda's Happy Hour. Sounds gimmicky, but it was yummy. The other attendees were also folks who started full timing following the example of Howard & Linda, the couple who organized the desert rally in Quartzsite that we just left. It is striking how much impact they have had on the lives of others.

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