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The autumn has been beautiful; it really is our best season. But the tree limbs are almost bare and that's the signal that it's time to head out.

Thanks to some well timed business class flights and Southwest Airlines, this will be the first trip where we will have to pay for an extra suitcase on United - $70 for one international flight. While we've made our peace with crowded seats and getting nothing to eat, paying for the luggage on such a long trip still feels unfair. It's been a real challenge to pack for this adventure with all the different climate zones and experiences it will include. There's still room to spare in our luggage and I'm fighting the tendency I have to always put in just one more thing. People ask us if we make lists, but each trip is unique and it seems to work better if I just go through each day in my mind and try to anticipate what we will need. Last night I remembered to pack my contact lenses. Without those the trip would be a blur in more ways than one. Here's hoping that anything else we've forgotten can be more easily replaced.

Ken's sister and brother-in-law just returned from Turkey and Greece last night and they raved about the trip, getting us even more excited. They also provided an Istanbul tram card and Turkish lira so we can hit the ground running.

We will land the day after we leave and travel through nine time zones if my figures are correct, so I apologize ahead of time for any incoherent blog posts the next few days. It's so frustrating to wake up after two hours of sleep because it's time to be up and around at home. Some genius needs to invent a pill that will make that jet lag disappear.

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